Important Notice by Tim Schäfer, Nordhausen-Germany
(The book author: Hitlers Mittelwerk & V-Waffen Nordhausen/Harz, 2021)

Colette Film – OSCARS 2021






If I mark it as particularly valuable, then I want to stand up for it too. This film is verysincere, there is no doubt that it was a great success.
When I say that my hometown Nordhausen was until 1945 Hitler's Mittelwerk for the V2 rockets etall that the slaves from the Mittelbau concentration camp had to help build.
We all know that this was forcibly done under what were largely horrific conditions. The concentration camp slaves came from many European countries, especially from France …
Here we have an example related to resistance to fascism as well.

A film that shows what Europe is today, a friendship with France and democracy. There is no doubt that this deeply human film is deeply touching. It's way better than 25 lessons, especially for today's younger generation …
I have campaigned in the state of Thuringia to include this film in the schools' program, I hope it works!

Colette: former French resistance member confronts a family tragedy 75 years later | World news | The Guardian


Official Announcement City of Nordhausen First Mayor Buchmann OSCARS 2021 (PDF)


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